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About Us:

ExceptionLab Inc., New York:

WeAreHappyToServeYou is one of ExceptionLab Inc.'s projects. ExceptionLab is a small business run by Graham Hill in and out of New York city. Its primary mandate is to create socially and/or environmentally progressive small businesses.

Read about Our Company Policies.

The best way to reach Exceptionlab is sales at exceptionlab dot com

Another project founded by Graham Hill:



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ExceptionLab Inc. would like to thanks its advisors, including, Shayne Mcquade, Joel Fitzpatrick, Upendra Shardanand, Andy Levine, John Farber and Dave Alhadef.

Solo Cup Operating Corporation , Owings Mills, MD:

Solo Cup Operating Corporation, gave ExceptionLab Inc. an exclusive license to reproduce their famous cup in ceramic for which we are very grateful.


"The cups are just wonderful. The paper ones became my best friends in
art school, in Boston. When I hold one of the ceramic ones, I'm taken back
to those wonderful days!"

Lynnete Siteman, costumer, 12/7/05

"It has been a pleasure dealing with you- it is so nice to find someone that is so dedicated to customer service!"
Ellen Fuss, costumer, 2/14/06

"You are brilliant. They are perfect. I can't believe they even have a SEAM!!! You have EXCEEDED my desires."
Matthew Bird, The Curatorium, 8/8/07

"Do you have any idea how many cups we bought from you in 2007? It was our best seller for all stores!"
Nancy Bloostein, Oren's Daily Roast, 01/03/08

"They are a great seller!"
Jamie Campbell, Shine Collective, 12/26/07

"With your help, we have just had our best year ever!"
Jeffrey Turback, The NEW YORK FIRST Company, 01/02/07

"..I was telling my wife jennie just the other day, that one of the the silliest
things i miss about living in new york, are the somehow wonderful blue and white, greek-themed paper cups that are so ubiquitous thereI remember so fondly, drinking tea or coffee from those cups with a great bagel from Essa, or H&H...it just always felt so comforting...so right....well - the very next day we were shopping in seattle and lo and behold in velocity art and design was a perfect ceramic replica of my beloved greek paper cup! no f**in way! (way!)they are perfect! the matte finish, the color, the "paper" notches and seams.
I just had to write to thank you for this little piece of genius!
we bought a bunch of them and i haven't had my coffee at home in anything else since! a fan,"

David Quasha, costumer, 01/04/08

"I've just gotten up, head to the breakfast table at my friend's place in Delhi. A New Yorker working out here. Coffee and laptops abound. Am offered the wake up drug. He says.. have it in this mug.. a friend of mine bought it as a NY memento.
A ceramic replica of a paper cup "We are happy to serve you". Even the little paper fold on the mug. Very cool. Made me smile. So enjoy that your mug is living the Delhi life!"
Dumeetha Luthra, costumer 6/8/09

"Thank you for making my day. I am an exile in Los Angeles and my friend just handed me one of your cups as a gift in the lobby of my office building. The moment I felt the “seam” I started laughing uncontrollably. Only my fried (a fellow NY ex-pat) understood just how much this cup means."

Spencer Krull, costumer, 01/24/10

"Just so you know how much this cup is loved (not as if you don't)...Last night I gave 2 mugs to my former boss & his son. Chef (Tom Foukas) who is now nearing 80, just kept smiling, shaking his head & laughing that the cup is EXACTLY like a paper cup-- even down to the thickened spine-like "seam". His son, who is now my dentist, used to be counter-help & short order cook (like me). He was amazed at how authentic it is."

Daria Rydzaj, costumer 03/31/10.

"I must compliment you on a truly wonderful product! These are not only delightfully clever and whimsical, but they are also so finely made and of such high quality too. We have been looking for lead-free replacements to our mug collection for quite some time – thank you for creating the perfect answer to that need! I expect we will be adding more cups for our family soon and will giving many as gifts in future.
Good luck with the business – you deserve great success!
Susan Trachta, costumer 04/19/10